Friday, July 16, 2010

Aging 20 years in 2.5 second

So I had a girly dr appointment yesterday for the annual stuff. I get in the room she asks when my lmp was, and I said well its been two months. I then said but that's normal for me when I get stressed out, I will skip sometimes. She then asked me about how I was feeling and I mentioned that I feel sick to my stomach sometimes and like I have eaten too much, but again that is normal for me when Im stressed. She asks if I think Im pregnant, and I say a resound not no, but hell no! I had my baby maker shut down 2 years ago.. so she continues with the Exam.

She feels my stomach and says.. hmmm (never a good sign) and then tells the nurse she wants to change which swab she is using for the exam. She goes on and I find my voice and say why do we need to change the swab, what was the hmmm for? She says because you might be pregnant.. I sat straight up and said WTF? (I know not classy of me, but it was all my brain could utter)

I said NO again I GOT MY TUBES TIED... she proceeds to then tell me if I was, it would be the 4th one this week.. NOT HELPING ME! So she sends me to the lab to have a pregnancy test done and says she will call with results. I call my friends in full panic mode, with was met with resounding laughter on all ends, and yes while it was bad I will say in my mind I was hoping for something that would require surgery or something that could be removed easily. My mom was like SHARON.. I said well mom that can be fixed, pregnancy cant.. LOL she laughed as I cried.. thanks mom!

Okay so several NERVE wracking hours later she calls and first thing out of her mouth is, Im referring you to have an ultrasound done. (I nearly drop boiling water on my foot) I squeak out why.. and she says well youre not pregnant but we need to see what is going on down there. Im like lady you aged me by 20 years.

So I get to talk to my wonderful hubby today and I tell him this story in order too, and as the story is going I hear his breathing getting faster and the uh huhs squeaking out of him and then the sigh of relief when I say but Im not pregnant. Now dont get me wrong I love babies, but I got my tubes tied for a reason.. just saying. Im in my 30s and done with the baby thing. Love my kids but no more for me. When my hubby gets home like it or not, he is getting his snipped just to add some insurance. LOL

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